I am so EXCITED!!!

I just found out today that I have been selected to be the sole 2008 Cover Photographer for Columbus Parent Magazine (a publication of the Columbus Dispatch)! I received a call a few weeks ago saying I was being considered as a possible candidate and was asked to submit some photos. I never really thought anything about actually being selected for the position until today when I found out that I was chosen!

This means that every issue of the Columbus Parent Magazine that goes out in 2008 will have one of my photographs as the cover art! I am so excited that I can’t even believe it. I have to get started right away so that they can get the January issue out in the next couple weeks!

As a side note, all of the covers will revolve around the theme of the issue, but I will be using my own models and locations which will probably mean some of my previous clients may be called upon to be cover models! I will let you know if and when I am considering using an image of your child as a cover submission. It will be totally up to you whether your child’s photo is sent in as a possibility or not but how cool would that be?

Anyway…I am super excited and stunned at the same time! Okay, I gotta get back to work… 🙂


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