Sharing a few from vacation…

It has been 2 weeks since we got home from vacation but I am just now getting around to uploading photos! How sad is that? I thought I would share some photos from our trip. Keep in mind, they aren’t amazing photographs but they will give you a glimpse into our vacation to DisneyWorld. Enjoy!

Kyan playing with Gi-Gi in line at Animal Kingdom:

Chasen posing for photos in between rides:

Kyan playing with Papa during dinner (notice he is eating a lime!):

Alex and I outside of the Tower of Terror on New Year’s Eve:

Our soggy family on New Year’s Eve. (Rain was one of the many weather situations we dealt with during our trip!):

Kyan playing peek-a-boo with Papa:

Kyan posing as always!:

Chasen hiding from the camera (as always!):

And then it got COLD…17 degrees COLD…in FLORIDA!!:

Trying to stay warm and entertained while in line for the “It’s a Small World” ride. (No kids’ ride should have a line longer than an hour!):

Kyan meeting Winnie the Pooh at a character breakfast:

Chasen modeling his new Pirate garb after riding the much sought after Pirates of the Caribbean ride. He was so happy to get his “pirate Mickey ears”!:

One final shot of our vacation…including the Pirates of the Caribbean sweatshirt that Chasen wore for 4 days straight! We didn’t pack any warm clothes for the vacation to FLORIDA! What were we thinking? 😉 :

Okay, that was fun! Now I have to get back to work! 🙂


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