Sneak Peek: "Baby G"

Alright, get ready for a moody session from me! I’m not sure what got into me during this session but I was feeling super artistic and moody so the photos are a little out of my norm!

This little guy was so good and easy to work with. He wasn’t too trilled with being swaddled (but at 8 weeks, that’s not surprising) but he was up for everything else. I had photographed “Baby G”‘s mom a couple months ago (she is the beautiful pregnant mommy in the header photo), so I had been looking forward to shooting this session for a while now. They invited “Baby G”‘s Grandfather over for a few shots as well. He has this amazing anchor tattoo from when he was a sailor so we HAD to got some shots of it as well. Grandpa wasn’t too thrilled about the idea of taking his shirt off but he was such a trooper and humored us. I think they will all be pleasantly surprised with the results!


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