Sneak Peek: "The C Family"

It’s time for another sneak peek! This session really wore me out! These kids don’t stop moving for a second!! I have known “The C Family” for a couple years through some friends of ours so I was really looking forward to this session. The kids were wound up quite a bit from “Little S”‘s soccer game that morning so it took some time to get them into “picture taking mood” but with a little bit of coaxing and a little more bribery, we got some good shots in there!

“Baby M” is turning one in a couple weeks so we wanted to get some photos of her alone as well. She wasn’t to thrilled with that idea, but she warmed up once she discovered the “Drop-Elmo-off-the-table-and-watch-Amy-scramble-to-grab-it” game! Too cute!!

By the end of the session, we weren’t too sure what kind of shots we were going to get, but I think Mom and Dad will be pleasantly surprised! 🙂 Are they not the cutest family ever??


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