My Favorite Things: Week 2

Wanna get to know me better? Here is a list of my favorite things…in no particular order:

* date nights with my husband
* hearing the kids play together nicely
* flip-flops
* warm spring days
* family vacations
* buttercream frosting
* hot dogs from a street vendor
* New York City
* relaxing in the hot tub
* karaoke nights at home with my parents
* shopping without the kids
* Christmas morning
* throwing parties
* watching home videos
* memories of college days
* margaritas on the beach in Cancun
* getting on the scale and seeing a smaller number
* reading tabloid magazines
* getting into a freshly made bed
* diet coke
* Walt Disney World
* buying clothes for the kids
* uploading photos after a great session
* singing along to the radio in the car
* cupcakes
* candles that smell like baked goods
* really thick mascara
* lip gloss
* Ruehl
* festivals in the summer
* making my parents proud
* hearing Chasen yell “MOMMY!!” when I pick him up from school
* getting random texts from Alex during the day
* my Nissan Quest
* Starbucks
* road trips with the family


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