The Buzz

I just got this email from a former client and I thought I would share it with you guys. It was so nice that it brought a tear to my eye. It is notes like this that remind me of why I love what I do:

“You manage to capture every single aspect of my daughters personality from sassy, adorable, mischievous to dog tired after a session. My photos make me smile each and every time I look at them because I see my daughter not just for how she looks, but for who she IS. No other photographer has been able to do this for me! You also have a way of making my daughter feel like you are best friends just playing around for a couple of hours. You are a natural at what you do!”


One comment

  1. Anonymous · February 28, 2008

    I have to totally agree with your client on this. In the pictures of my daughter you have brought out what I so wanted to capture but never could on my own. Everytime I look at her picture on the wall ( that you took ) it makes my heart skip a beat. I am so in love with your photography. You DO do a beautiful job! And I cant wait to save up enough money to use you again! Jody

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