Sneak Peek: Staci Marie

So, Staci called wanting to add some new photos to her modeling portfolio and get a few shots for an upcoming pageant. We have had a great time on previous shoots, so of course I was happy to help her out this time as well. We met at Blacklick Park and just played around for a while. These were not the usual modeling photos that Staci and I do so it was a fun new challenge for us both to get some good pageant shots to enter in the Most Photogenic category. In between all the giggling and silliness, we got some great shots to show. 🙂


Just a reminder…

…I will be taking a much needed vacation for the first two weeks in July. I will try to check emails and answer phone calls as often as possible but we will be driving through New England for 7 days so it will just depend on how often I can get to a wi-fi location to check in.

If you are waiting on a photo order, please be patient. I am trying to get everything done before I leave but I am at the mercy of the photo lab and the postal service. If you placed your order awhile a go, it is probably being packaged right now and will be ready shortly. If you placed your order in the last few days, I am working on it. I will try to get the order in but it probably won’t be ready until i return.

I will be back to work on July 14th. If you are looking to book a session, go ahead and email me your request. My first available session (right now) is the week of July 21st.

Thanks so much for your understanding!

Sneak Peek: "The E Family"

This was such a fun family session! I can not tell you how much fun it was to shoot “The E Family”. This session is the perfect example of how I like to shoot families. You may remember three of the “E kids” from last Fall when we did a holiday session with three of them. This time they brought along their two cousins and Grandparents for a summertime shoot. You could just see the love this family has for each other. I barely had to do anything but sit back and shoot away. I love seeing active Grandparents who aren’t afraid to get on the ground and play with the kids! Grandma even got tackled to the ground at one point! Now that’s love! 🙂

The Results are In!

After a week of frenzied voting, the results are in from the Rock n’ Roll Prince and Princess contest! Drum Roll Please…

Receiving Honorable Mention in the Rock n’ Roll Prince Contest (and a $10 print credit towards a future session):


In Second Place (earning at $30 print credit towards a future session):

Aaron with 37% of the votes

And in First Place (winning a free Rock n’ Roll Prince Session):

Jalen with 39% of the votes

Receiving Honorable Mention in the Rock n’ Roll Princess Contest (and a $10 print credit towards a future session):


In Second Place (earning at $30 print credit towards a future session):

Kaci with 30% of the votes

And in First Place (winning a free Rock n’ Roll Princess Session):

Ziya with 33% of the votes

Congrats again to Jalen and Ziya for winning the contest! Keep an eye on the blog for sneak peeks from their sessions in the next few weeks! Also, I want to give a special congrats as well to all the adorable little ones who entered the contest! You are all winners in my book and I would love to photograph each of you in the future!

Sneak Peek: "Baby M"

Remember this beautiful “mommy-to-be”?

Introducing adorable 3 week old “Baby M”! “M” was so alert and calm for our entire session. She let me mold her into any position without fussing one bit! Mom eventually got her to sleep after a couple feedings and we were able to get those precious sleepy newborn shots that I look forward to. She was just so sweet…I didn’t want to leave!

Sneak Peek: "Brooke- Class of 09"

I just realized that I forgot to post the sneak peeks from Brooke’s session on here! Shame on me! So Brooke called me and wanted a senior session with an outdoor/rustic feel to it. Immediately I thought of Slate Run Historical farm. It was perfect for her session! I had never shot there so it was a new experience for all of us. We then left the Farm area and went over to the covered bridge to shoot a bit. Later, we drove to Pickerington for a little creekside splashing to cool everyone off. All and all, it was a great session! You can see more of Brooke’s session on the senior blog here.

Sneak Peek: "Little M"

Here comes another adorable little girl! Some of you may remember “Little M” from last year’s Rock n’ Roll Princess contest. She was so cute and came in second in the contest. I got the chance to photograph her this week and had such a great time.

Despite the crummy weather, we got some great shots. Sometimes you just have to go with the flow and deal with what Mother Nature gives you! “Little M” was so happy to see me and was more than welcome to play along with all my crazy antics…”Do you think you could sit in this chair?” and “Oops! My camera doesn’t work if you are facing that way!”. She had so much fun looking at the photos in the LCD screen playback…”It’s Me!””Me!””Me!”. Here you go, “M”!