Sneak Peek: "Mommy-To-Be-A"

I had a fabulous maternity session in Akron this weekend with “Mommy-To-Be-A”. Not only did she have amazing light streaming into her home, but she was this tiny little thing who looked amazing with a little pregnant belly! “Daddy-To-Be-A” is currently over in Iraq, so she wanted to have me document this special time in their lives so that she can send the photos over to him. I thought that was so sweet! She was up for anything and let me experiment with a bunch of new things which is always fun. We were shooting in her bedroom and I saw a photo of “Daddy-To-Be-A” sitting on the nightstand. I couldn’t including it in a couple shots…in a creative way, of course! Anyway…enjoy your sneak peeks, “Mommy-To-Be-A”!

(Oh, and “Daddy-To-Be-A”…surprise!! I hope you love this little peek at what is going on at home!)



  1. ashley · June 11, 2008

    omg amy these are amazing! thank you soo much!!!

  2. Anonymous · June 11, 2008

    cute : )Mer

  3. Sweet Fields Photography · June 11, 2008

    OMG these are AMAZING!! I can’t get enough of them! I keep coming back to them, they are THAT good. Helps that the mommy was in amazing shape and looked adorable preggo! 🙂

  4. Ashley · June 12, 2008

    i showed daddy the sneak peeks..he was WOWed over them!

  5. srcedeno6046 · October 10, 2010

    awww I remember these:)they looked so good:) i loved them…….:)

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