Sneak Peek: "Baby N"

I just love tiny newborn babies! This little guy was only 9 days old for our session which is perfect timing to get nice sleepy newborn photos. I shot maternity photos for this family just a few short weeks ago (check out “Mommy-to-be-J”‘s session here) so it was fun to get to see them now as parents. I’m not sure what it is, but I somehow feel like I have known this couple forever. (Sometimes you just click like that!)

Anyway…”Baby N” did an amazing job of sleeping through most of our session. I don’t think he even cried once! That’s another one of the benefits of shooting newborns while they are still fresh; they will let me do just about anything to them as long as I let them sleep! I just love the close up photos of his face. Those squishy lips rival those of Angelina Jolie’s kids! So adorable!! A few of these sneak peeks are my best newborn photos to date!


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