Sneak Peek: "Little C"

This was my second session with “Little C” and I must say it is one for the record books. This little guy was just not feelin’ the love at all. 🙂 I think his Mom, Dad, and I did everything possible (including hitting each other on the head with a sword…don’t ask!) to get him to smile with not much luck. “C”‘s Mom and Dad are hilarious which makes the session so much for entertaining for me at least! “Little C” was only six months old when I shot with him last time. Now he is a big one year old who wanted nothing to do with sitting still, standing still, or being still! Ah, the life of a one year old! About ten minutes into our shoot, it started to sprinkle…then after about an hour, it started to POUR! Mom and Dad wanted a few shots oh him with his newly cut hair in a faux-hawk so we spiked up the hair and found a semi-dry spot to shoot at under a picnic shelter. I can’t say it was the smoothest of sessions, but the photos turned out great regardless! This kiddo is such a cutie that he doesn’t need to be smiling all the time to get a good shot; he has the most gorgeous blue eyes!


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