Friday Finds: 01/16/09

I am always finding great online shops and blogs, so I thought I would start sharing them with you guys in a weekly post. Hopefully, you will find something that interests you!

This place is amazing if you have little girls and have the money to spend on an amazing piece of clothing. I get so excited when my catalog arrives in the mail each month. They have both little girls’ and little boys’ clothing and accessories with a European flare. I LOVE their little dresses for girls, rompers with ruffles on the bum for toddlers, and rock tees for little boys. I have bought Chasen a couple things from here (a winter coat, woven blue shirt with a guitar screen print, and pirate/skulls rubber rain boots) and never had a problem with any of it. The clothes are adorable and made to last a long time!

Anything from this company would make a great outfit for a photoshoot! Hint, hint!!

My favorite little girls’ dress for spring:

My favorite for toddler girls:


I just came across this site about a month ago, and it has me intrigued. From the website:

SafetyTat was born of necessity one weekend at an amusement park. On Labor Day Weekend, Michele and her husband, there with their three small children, felt out-numbered. To stave her panic, she quickly wrote her mobile phone number on each of their arms with a ballpoint pen. As she did this, she thoughtfully explained to each of them the importance of staying close to Mommy and Daddy. She also told them that if they were separated that the number on their arm was a way to reconnect with them. Throughout the day of fun, Michele had to rewrite the number several times as it smeared or washed off. Several parents in the park, stopped her to ask if that was her number on the kids’ arms. Each time, they loved the idea. The day was a success and the idea for SafetyTat was born.

I love the idea that they have all kinds of tats that address issues other than just the parents’ contact info. I am thinking about getting the “non-verbal” ones for Kyan the next time we head to an amusement park.


A client of mine last week told me about these swaddling blankets and I just couldn’t wait to get home and look them up. The website is a little tricky to navigate, but these swaddling blankets are to die for! They are so soft and cuddly, yet thin and perfect for swaddling. They come in a bunch of trendy patterns…just perfect for my clients! Thanks so much for telling me about them, Melanie!

My favorite for little boys:

And my favorite for little girls:


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