We won a National Award!

I am so shocked! I just found out from the Columbus Parent Magazine’s Editor, that the magazine won a total of 5 awards from the Parenting Publishers of America including the Silver Award for Original Photo and the Bronze Award for Headlines!! I am so excited and humbled to have won this award. I had no idea! It feels so great to be validated as a photographer with a National Award! Here is the photo that won along with the comments about it:

From the PPA judges: Silver: Columbus Parent Magazine; “June 2008”; Annie Steel, special sections artist; Amy Clark, photographer
The crisp light on the subject and the soft focus on the background make the subject stand out. The teases are well placed around the subject, and her eyes lead viewers to the words.

From CPM’s Editor’s blog: Silver Award for original photo — We love Amy Clark from Baby Steps Studios. Amy has a way of finding the real shot while looking through that viewfinder. Our June 2008 cover girl was just as cute as she could be. And special kudos to our designer, Annie Steel, for putting her in perfect placement on the front cover, all the while making sure the headlines were positioned around our cover girl’s pretty little face.

Bronze Award for headlines — The October 2008 issue featured another photo by Amy Clark of a soon-to-be-college-bound young man who was, yet again, positioned perfectly on the cover by Ms. Steel. Our headlines teased the College Guide and the great features we had that month, including one on special needs.


  1. Purple Platypus Pictures · March 4, 2009

    Congratulations! I’ve followed your stuff for a while (started from OBBC) and you do amazing work. Very well deserved!

  2. Anonymous · March 7, 2009

    OMG Amy! How great for you! Great job and all the kudos well deserved. You truely are an amazing photographer. And me being the mother of one of the subjects…. I am beaming! I love the pictures that you did of her and could not have asked for more. For a little girl who won a contest that keeps on giving…. Thanks Amy!Jody

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