Surprised by this ad? So were we!

I have been getting several messages and emails today about “the ad you placed in the parenting insert in this week’s paper”. I’m not sure what ad they are referring to since I don’t advertise anywhere but in Columbus Parent.

Anyway…the problem is that apparently, when one of my ads was being re-created, the tag line for the The Next Step Studios division for seniors which reads “Contemporary Photography for the Modern Senior” was used on a Baby Steps ad featuring a pregnant woman instead of the tag line “Contemporary Photography for the Modern Family”. I am now being bombarded with phone calls and emails telling me how horrible it is that I would be promoting teenage pregnancy! I want to reassure everyone out there that this was not intentional. Baby Steps Studios does not promote or encourage teenage pregnancy, nor would we ever intentionally imply that the example of a “modern senior” is that of a pregnant woman. I assure you that the woman pictured in the ad is in her twenties and NOT a high school senior.

I’m not sure how the misprint occurred and I am not here to place blame. I did not see the ad before it was run so I apologize for the confusion. I just wanted to make it known that it was a misprint and was not intended to promote teenage pregnancy.

I know the ad in question was run in the May issue of Columbus Parent Magazine but it must be appearing somewhere else as well. If you have seen this ad somewhere other than in Columbus Parent, please let me know. I’m sure this ad will end up on some late night talk show…Headlines with Jay Leno, anyone? Oh well…what can you do now?


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