Please be thinking of us…

We are getting ready to head out this morning for Chasen’s surgery. He will be having his adenoids and tonsils removed in hopes to alleviate his snoring, constant throat clearing, and heavy breathing. This will be his 3rd surgery (the first 2 were on his eyes) so he is okay with it, but this one will be a much harder recovery. We have stocked up on all kinds of jell-o, popsicles, and ice cream for this next week. He is excited to stay in bed and eat all his yummy goods while playing all the video games he wants, but having a very low pain tolerance is going to be tough. Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers this morning and the following week as we get through this.

(I will be out of the office today and tomorrow with limited access to voice mail and email. I will return all messages when I can. Thanks for your patience!)


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