Go ahead…ask!

I am having so much fun answering all these questions. Keep them coming! I will try my best to answer all of them. 🙂

Go to www.formspring.me/babysteps to ask me anything…

Questions Answered

What is go your fave lens?

My go to lens is my 16-85mm. I would say it is one my camera 90% of the time. It allows enough flexibility in shots while still keeping me close enough to my clients to interact with them the way I like to. I love using my 85mm 1.8 when I have enough space and an old enough client to allow me to move around constantly and still get all those perfect shots.

Boxers or Briefs?

Well…being a woman, I prefer boyshorts for myself. And on my hubby…I like boxer-briefs. Yes, I am an indecisive person. 🙂


What is the meaning of life? lol

Wow! That is a big question and I am afraid I don’t have a good answer for that. Um…



RAW all the time. I do all of my editing in Lightroom with presets that I have developed over time to fit my shooting style. Shooting in RAW just allows so much more flexibility in post-processing.


Here is one question that is two part…where is your all time favorite spot to take photos and where would you love to try out?

Hmm…that one is tough! I would say my favorite place to shoot is somewhere urban. I LOVE shooting in the Short North and in the arena district. Any place with lots of texture and gritty feeling to it makes me happy.

I would LOVE to shoot on the beach. I long of having a winter home somewhere where I can shoot with the sand in my toes, the waves crashing at my feet…with a long weathered pier…at sunset. Ah…that would be nice!


Why won’t you shoot a wedding?

I LOVE weddings…honestly, I probably love weddings more than anyone else. There is just something about witnessing that moment when two people pledge to spend the rest of their lives together that holds a special place in my heart.

Being a wedding photographer is a full time gig and I just don’t want to give up all my time for weddings. I truly love photographing my clients. I love watching a child grow up before my eyes and witnessing families grow over the years. I love that everyday is a new adventure in my career and every client is a new experience.


What inspired you to become a photographer?

Photography has always been my passion. Even as a small child, I was obsessed with taking photos. I tortured my little sister by making her sit for photo shoots at my parents’ lake house. Hours after hours were spent taking the perfect shots with my hot pink Ansco Pix point and shoot camera. I will never forget the excitement of picking up that roll of film a week later to view my work. I had my camera with me all the time and made sure to document everything!


Do you have a favorite photograph?

I have several from client sessions that i just love! I always fall in love with shots from my newborn sessions simply because they are so very sweet. I am currently loving the photo of my son, Kyan, that I took last spring. He wanted to play in the water, so we set up a water basin and he just splashed away. He looked up at me with his big blue eyes and tons of attitude and it was perfect. I have the photo as the background on my Twitter.

As far as a non-Amy Clark original…I have this old black and white photo of my Grandma Betty from when she was probably 20 that I just love. She has amazing fashion and looks gorgeous in the photo. I would love to someday get it reprinted as an enlargement for my living room.


Out of all of your blond haired blue eyed friends with the name Anna, which one is your favorite?

Why, Anna Cluxton, of course! 🙂 LOL! Hi, Anna!

What one thing are you exceptionally good at?

Making kids feel comfortable. I just LOVE kids and somehow have an amazing ability to convince even the most difficult client into playing along. I even had a client once ask me if I could come to their house each night at 3 AM to put the baby back to sleep. 🙂


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