Sneak Peek: "Hayes Portrait Party" {Westerville Child Photographer}

I had a great time shooting this Portrait Party last weekend. We met at Inniswoods Metro Garden in Westerville to take advantage of the gorgeous fall foliage this time of year. The park was crazy busy not only with the usual photogs but by the end, it was over-run with dressed up high schoolers. Oh yeah, did I mention it was homecoming night?!?! All of these kids and families did a great job and we all had a blast! Thanks so much guys!


Sneak Peek: "The M Family" {Dublin Family Photographer}

This is seriously one of my favorite client families EVER!! These kids are just hilarious! I will say, in previous sessions, these boys have given me a run for my money. It has always taken a creative approach and lots of patience (and laughter) to get them to stand still long enough to snap a photo but this time…I was amazed!! These boys have really grown up! They said “Hello, Miss Amy. Why isn’t your hair crazy colors?” and then went right to work… listening to directions, smiling nicely, sitting still! I almost fell over! 🙂 Love Love Love this family!!

Sneak Peek: "Baby M and Little M" {Columbus Baby Photographer}

Wow…2 little ones under 2, outside on a chilly day, with only 4 adult hands (with 2 of them holding a camera) makes for an interesting session! 🙂  I had photographed “Baby M” for his newborn photos a few months ago so I was thrilled to get to see him again now that he is 5 months old. His mom asked if she could bring along his little cousin “Little M” for the shoot as well and of course, that sounded like fun! We ran around the park…tried to find ducks…had a snack…ran around some more…threw some leaves…ran around again. You get the picture!

Sneak Peek: "Baby J" {Pickerington Baby Photographer}

Oh, my, gosh…where do I start with this little guy? Is he not adorable?!?!? He was just the most smiley little thing! We met up at one of my favorite parks in Pickerington for a quick little one year old shoot (and some family pics while we were all there). The weather was beautiful for a fall afternoon session which always makes things nice. We played around…got some amazing shots…and got in our cars, just in time for it to start raining! Perfect timing!

Sneak Peek: "Little M" {Gahanna Child Photographer}

I just LOVE this family! I have been photographing “Little M” since he was 3 months old and it is always a ton of fun! I can’t believe how old he is getting! “Little M”, his mom, and his baby sister met up with me at Creekside in Gahanna for his 3 year old shoot this year. I am telling you, this guy certainly makes me work for my money…but it is oh, so worth it in the end!! We went on adventures, fed the ducks some cheddar bunnies (it turns out, they like organic!), threw some leaves, played hide and seek…you name it! So much fun!

Sneak Peek: "H Family – S, L, and M" {Columbus Family Photographer}

Meet “Little M”…the winner of the Facebook “Cutest Kid Contest” (in the over 1 category)! We met on a very chilly afternoon at Homestead Park for a fun little family shoot with the whole gang. The girls all did a great job…older sisters “S” and “L” were a riot! I tried everything under the sun (or clouds in this case) to get “L” to crack a smile! Thanks so much for making the drive up here, guys! It was great meeting you! Congrats again on winning the contest! 🙂

Sneak Peek: "Miss E" {Westerville Child Photographer}

This was such a fun session! I shot with “Miss E” last year around this time so we already knew each other for this session which always makes for a much more fun shoot. We met at Inniswoods for her shoot and since it was such a gorgeous day outside, my kids decided to visit the park as well (with our nanny). “Miss E” fell in love with my little guy and the feelings were mutual. “E” kept asking if Kyan could be in the photos with her! So very cute!! Thanks for such a fun session, “E”! See you next year!