Sneak Peek: "Fun times FIVE…T, C, H, M, and Z" {Columbus Child Photography}

So what do you get when you combine FIVE little girls under 6, THREE parents to wrangle them, ONE photographer, and LESS THAN 45 minutes to shoot before the Conservatory closes at 5:00 and it is too cold to shoot outside? I am about to show you.

But first, I just have to say, that I love when I am photographing kids that I have photographed for years…why? Yes, its fun to watch them grow up. Yes, it makes it easier because the are more comfortable with me. BUT the best thing is hearing questions like this EVERY TIME: “Miss Amy, why isn’t your hair purple this time?” “Miss Amy, I think you should make your hair blue next time!” “We were taking turns guessing what color your hair would be but it’s just a normal yellowish color this time!” LOL! I guess at least I can say that I keep them guessing, huh?


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