What’s New? July 2011

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July 2011

Special Kids deserve special attention…

If you know me personally, you likely know that our older son, Chasen, was diagnosed with Autism (PPD-NOS), ADHD, and ODD earlier this year. Our younger son, Kyan, was diagnosed with Childhood Apraxia of Speech at age 2. Our neighbor’s son (who is one of Kyan’s friends) has Cerebral Palsy. I photographed the children at the Childhood League for their marketing materials a couple years ago. My point to all this…I just have an intense love for special needs kids and want to do something about it. I am beginning the process to become an accredited Special Needs photographer…and can’t be more excited about it!

As I begin this process, I will need to add some more images to my portfolio of different kids with varying special needs. If you have a special kid and would like to take part in this…please let us know! We will be offering a complimentary photo session and an 8×10 print in exchange for a signed print release, letter or referral, and a mini bio about your child. Please contact us via email to me here or on facebook to be considered.

New digital collections…

When I ask clients what they would like to see offered, I hear the same thing over and over again…MORE DIGITAL COLLECTIONS, PLEASE!! I have resisted for a long time but I feel that the media is changing so quickly that the time is now.

Digital Collection One:
5 high-res images on CD
with one 5×7 print of each image.

Digital Collection Two:
10 high-res images on CD 

with one 5×7 print of each image.

Digital Collection Three:
20 high-res images on CD 

with one 5×7 print of each image.

Digital Collection Four:
Your complete gallery on CD 

with one 5×7 print of each image.

Back to School Mini-Sessions…

This August we will be offering a limited edition Back to School Mini-Sessions. These will be the perfect opportunity to document this special time of year before your little ones start off to a new year at school and life gets crazy again!

Sessions will be every 30min on Saturday, Aug 20th starting at 9:00AM.

30 minute mini-session (one outfit, one child)
back to school themed: backpacks, apples, etc.
one 5×7 print (or digital file)
complimentary “back to school” mini-accordion album


New incentives…

In addition to our V.I.P. program (after 4 paid sessions, you get one for FREE), we will also be adding a referral program to the list. If a new client mentions your name during booking (or during a session), you will receive a $25 print credit towards a future session…easy as that.

Thanks so much and I hope to see you all soon!


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