Session Faves: Nathan. 6 days old. {Columbus Newborn Photographer}

I have been on a newborn kick lately! Introducing 6 day old Nathan… an adorable baby boy who came into the studio for a newborn session. I am loving his full lips, big eyes and full head of hair! Such a cutie!


Session Faves: Jack. 9 days. {Columbus Newborn Photographer}

Meet 9 day old Jack. This little guy was at the end of my “newborn time-frame of 5-9 days”, so I was looking forward to a wide awake baby but I was pleasantly surprised! Baby Jack was still all sleepy and curly just like I want my newborns to be. 🙂 One of the things that I love about on-location newborn sessions, is being able to include the new nursery in the photos! Most families put a lot of time and money into creating the nursery and it is great to document that as well.

Session Faves: Lauren. 7 years. {Columbus Special Needs Photographer}

As many of you may have heard, we are in the process of becoming an accredited Special Needs Photographer. Special needs kids have always held a special place in my heart and this is something that I am so excited to be doing.

As part of this process, we needed to develop a special needs portfolio and precious little Lauren was one of my first subjects for this new adventure. We had such a great time running around the park and shooting away! I couldn’t stop laughing as she yelled “you’re funny!” to my “no, you’re funny!”, over and over and over again! It never did get old. 🙂

Session Faves: Karley. 1 1/2 years. {Columbus Child Photographer}

I cannot say enough about how much I adore this little girl! I have been dying to get my hands on little Karley for months now so when her mom was asking for someone to watch her one day, I jumped at the chance to play! Having 2 boys of my own, we had a day of girlie fun… dress-up, a mani and pedi, pigtails, you name it… so of course, I had to take her down to the studio for a quick little photo session! Love this girl!!

Session Faves: Rittenhouse Family. {Columbus Family Photographer}

I just LOVE when my clients have me come back year after year after year to document the birth of their new baby! I first met the Rittenhouse family when Jen was pregnant with Baby #1. I was honored to photograph not only Baby #1 and Baby #2…but now for Baby #3. Love, love, love watching these kiddos grow up! Now the question is, will I be back in another 18 months? If Mom has her way, yes!! 😉

Session Faves: Grayson. 8 days old. {Columbus Newborn Photographer}

This session is a perfect example of how even if you *think* that your precious baby isn’t behaving or playing along with the crazy photographer’s ideas…you just have to trust said photographer that the images will be beautiful. 🙂

Meet 8 day old Baby Grayson… who really wanted nothing to do with sleep except for maybe the rare 30 sec here and there. As I always tell my new mommy and daddy clients, it only takes a second to get *that* shot, so trust me… we will get those amazing sleeping baby shots that you crave, even if baby doesn’t really want to play along! Enjoy!