Cutest Kid Contest *SUSPENDED!!!*

Okay, so here’s the deal. After a couple hours of the voting being up it was brought to our attention that a few of the children’s votes were not being counted for some reason. Upon further inspection, it was determined that there was a glitch within the PollDaddy plug in and the software would not allow us to fix the issues even with my husband going into the code to adjust it. To make matters worth, it appears that PollDaddy is based in Ireland and is closed for support until Monday. So, in an effort to be fair to all the children, we are going to suspend the voting for now…start a new poll and post…and start again on Saturday. I do apologize for this. I realize you have all been doing a great job of getting the word out to get votes for your children and I know that you will continue when we start again.

Voting will start again at 9:00AM tomorrow morning and continue through Tuesday. Thanks for your understanding.


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