Ohio Marriage Caravan Video April 11, 2014 – photographed by Amy Clark Studios

Ohio Marriage Caravan Video- photography by Amy Clark Studios

{Click the link above}

This past weekend we traveled with the #marriagecaravan from Columbus to Chicago so 3 couples could say their “I do’s” and make it legal. We had met the wonderful ladies prior to the trip and we were so excited to get to photograph this special day. We started the journey at the Burnham Hotel in downtown Chicago where all the girls got ready for their day in ONE, tiny hotel room. I assisted with their hair and Amy photographed the details {power team, we are!}. Once we finished up there we headed to the Cook County Clerk’s Office to obtain the marriage licenses from there we went to the courthouse where they were legally married! After all the excitement of those couple of hours we strolled the streets of Chicago for a bit to get some portraits before heading to Andersonville for dinner.

It was a whirlwind afternoon… but one thing is for certain – Love is Love. No matter what.

We want to congratulate all the ladies on their marriage and wish them a lifetime of happiness!


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