Session Faves: Callan. Smash Cake. {Columbus Baby Photographer}

DYG_2014MAY_BLOG-015 DYG_2014MAY_BLOG-016 DYG_2014MAY_BLOG-017 DYG_2014MAY_BLOG-018 DYG_2014MAY_BLOG-019 DYG_2014MAY_BLOG-020 DYG_2014MAY_BLOG-021 DYG_2014MAY_BLOG-022 DYG_2014MAY_BLOG-023 DYG_2014MAY_BLOG-024 DYG_2014MAY_BLOG-025


The weather FINALLY cooperated – well, for the most part! And we were able to get some great photos of little Callan smashing the cake… or being hesitant of it! When the Dygert’s arrived there was a very ominous black cloud lingering above us – so we all crossed our fingers and hoped that the rain would hold off – and it DID! We got some great shots of the family and some adorable ones of Callan thinking about the cake! So glad we could finally make it work!


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