Session Faves: Brandi and Andrew. I do. {Columbus Wedding Photographer}

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Ohhh my – this wedding was one of those extremely romantic and intimate moments that make you think that just maybe everyone should get married this way. The wedding was held at a local park – we scouted out the area and stumbled upon this perfect little rocky path right by the creek. We lined the path with Mason jars with little candles inside and pink and white flower petals covered the rocks. It was a rainy and very overcast day which added to the ambiance of the wedding. In a setting such as this one – you don’t need a lot of decor. The world around us provided so much beauty that it just took a few minor touches.

While Brandi got ready and Amy was shooting everyone getting pretty I stayed at the location to light the candles and get detail shots. It poured the entire time. But as luck would have it, the moment Andrew arrived – the rain stopped. Andrew and I chatted for a bit – he told me a little about their love story – and I melted a little inside…

They were both from the same high school and he had had a crush on Brandi freshman year and thought he didn’t have a chance in the world with her. And while they never dated in high school, flash forward into adulthood and they meet again – and the rest is history. They have been crazy in love ever since. *sigh* (insert the hearts in the eyes emoji)

The wedding was very small; Brandi and Andrew, Brandi’s three adorable children, the officiant, and us. Brandi made such a gorgeous bride and seeing her reaction to the decor and setting made it so worthwhile. The ceremony was beautiful as they recited their vows, exchanged rings, and made promises to the kids. There were a lot of tears, smiles, and hugs. And just as they were pronounced husband and wife – the sun came creeping through the clouds. It was perfect.

We want to wish Brandi, Andrew, and the kids a long life filled with happiness and laughter.

**All decor, set up, location scouting, and the photography was done by Amy Clark Studios. We do wedding planning by request – if interested, please email!**

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