Session Faves: Stephanie and Dustin. Part two. I do. {Columbus Wedding Photographer}

MAT_2014JUN-024 MAT_2014JUN-025 MAT_2014JUN-026 MAT_2014JUN-027 MAT_2014JUN-028 MAT_2014JUN-029 MAT_2014JUN-030 MAT_2014JUN-031 MAT_2014JUN-032 MAT_2014JUN-033 MAT_2014JUN-034 MAT_2014JUN-035 MAT_2014JUN-036 MAT_2014JUN-037 MAT_2014JUN-038 MAT_2014JUN-039 MAT_2014JUN-040


Stephanie and Dustin’s reception was a blast! The toasts were thoughtful and funny, the food and cake were devoured, the drinks were flowing, and the dance floor was seeing a lot of action! There’s nothing better than being able to capture everyone truly enjoying themselves and really celebrating the couple! These were too good not to share… Again, congrats to the happy couple!

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