Session Faves: Michael. One Year. {Columbus Baby Photographer}

SEE-2014JUL_BLOG-001 SEE-2014JUL_BLOG-002 SEE-2014JUL_BLOG-003 SEE-2014JUL_BLOG-004 SEE-2014JUL_BLOG-005 SEE-2014JUL_BLOG-006 SEE-2014JUL_BLOG-007 SEE-2014JUL_BLOG-008 SEE-2014JUL_BLOG-009 SEE-2014JUL_BLOG-010

This little guy was so stinkin’ adorable! Michael’s catch phrase of the morning was “Uh oh!!!” and it was so cute! I think he would have preferred playing with the toys in the studio than getting his picture taken. He wasn’t the biggest fan of the camera – he just wanted to go, go, go! And again, he wasn’t a cake lover! I don’t know what these babes are thinking – if I have a cake sitting in front of me, I’m gonna eat it!! Silly kids! 😉 Regardless, we got some adorable shots of this little dude! We hope to see him and his family again!


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