Devoted Pittie Party for Peace for Paws Ohio.

PFP_2014AUG_BLOG-001 PFP_2014AUG_BLOG-002 PFP_2014AUG_BLOG-003 PFP_2014AUG_BLOG-004 PFP_2014AUG_BLOG-005 PFP_2014AUG_BLOG-006 PFP_2014AUG_BLOG-007 PFP_2014AUG_BLOG-008 PFP_2014AUG_BLOG-009 PFP_2014AUG_BLOG-010 PFP_2014AUG_BLOG-011 PFP_2014AUG_BLOG-012 PFP_2014AUG_BLOG-013 PFP_2014AUG_BLOG-014 PFP_2014AUG_BLOG-015 PFP_2014AUG_BLOG-016 PFP_2014AUG_BLOG-017 PFP_2014AUG_BLOG-018 PFP_2014AUG_BLOG-019 PFP_2014AUG_BLOG-020 PFP_2014AUG_BLOG-021 PFP_2014AUG_BLOG-022 PFP_2014AUG_BLOG-023 PFP_2014AUG_BLOG-024 PFP_2014AUG_BLOG-025 PFP_2014AUG_BLOG-026 PFP_2014AUG_BLOG-027 PFP_2014AUG_BLOG-028 PFP_2014AUG_BLOG-029


This past weekend we volunteered to be one of the photographers on deck for the Pittie Party being held at the Devoted store down in Gateway. This party was to showcase some of the adoptable pitbulls at Peace for Paws Ohio. The models wore Ohio t-shirts from local vendors selling their gear in Devoted – in our photos we had tees from Where I’m From, We Bleed Ohio, and A Pinch of Pink. We even got the honor of working with local bloggers, Kathy and Sophia from Kasual Life! We had a great time meeting all these adorable pups and helping out such a worthy cause!

If you are in the market for a new pup, please check out Peace for Paws! And check out Devoted and Simply Vague for any Ohio tees and goodies made by local artisans!


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