Friday Vendor Spotlight: Leigh Ann from Make You, LLC. {Columbus Wedding Vendor}

We had the opportunity to sit down with Leigh Ann Ehmann of Make You, LLC and pick her brain about bridal makeup. We even got to see her in action – and let me tell you, she does some amazing work!

Jac: Tell us about your business...

Leigh Ann: I am the owner of Make You LLC. Make You is a freelance makeup business that I began years ago so that I would help others look fabulous! 


Jac: How did you get into weddings?

Leigh Ann: I got into the wedding industry by networking with other wedding vendors through events and shows. 

Jac: What do you notice that most brides want? Are you seeing any trends?

Leigh Ann: I think the biggest trend, if you can call it that, would be that all the brides want amazing skin (who doesn’t?!). They all just want to be the best version of themselves possible. 

MWB_2014SEPT-006 MWB_2014SEPT-007 MWB_2014SEPT-005

Jac: What’s your favorite part about working with brides?

Leigh Ann: My bridal clients are amazing researchers. They keep me and all of their wedding vendors on our toes because they are executing high hopes and dreams. That challenge is what I favor most when working with the brides!

Jac: If I were a bride interested in your services, what would be my next step? 

Leigh Ann: Once initial contact is made, I would send you a document with rates and we would schedule a consultation to discuss your makeup vision and trial the makeup. 


MWB_2014SEPT-013 MWB_2014SEPT-009 MWB_2014SEPT-010

Jac: What sets you apart from other makeup artists?

Leigh Ann: I apply makeup on all ethnicities, confidently. 

Jac: Do you have any tips and tricks you used during the shoot that you could pass along to our readers?

Leigh Ann: One of my favorite products that I use on tons of my clients is Tarte Brow Mousse – it’s amazing! 

MWB_2014SEPT-011 MWB_2014SEPT-014

And we will let the photos speak for themselves… Leigh Ann is a makeup rockstar!!! If you are interested in chatting with her about makeup her social media link are listed below.





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