Session Faves: Franco Family. Fall Sessions. {Columbus Family Photographer}


How adorable is this family? They were the first family we shot with last week during our day of fall sessions at Creekside; meeting them was a great start to our day! Those kiddos were so full of energy and silliness – we hope to see them again!


Vendor Spotlight: Judi Logan. Hair Designer. {Columbus Wedding Vendors}

When we had Leigh Ann in to do makeup for us, we also invited Judi Logan to do hair – I only knew of her through my hair stylist. However, we trust our hair girls more than we trust most (am I right?) so of course we contacted Judi, without hesitation!

And we are so glad we did, she is an amazing hair designer! After seeing her work, I just had to pick her brain…


Jac: Introduce yourself to our readers…

Judi: My name is Judi Logan, I’m a master hair designer and co-owner of The Event Girls at M.O.S. 

Jac: How did you get into weddings? 

Judi: I have been doing wedding and event services for 20 years. I love to create a hairstyle that will make the bride feel beautiful on her special day. I also do events like proms, homecoming, and dinner parties. 


Jac: What do you find that most brides want?

Judi: The biggest trend in bridal styles are CURLS! No longer does a bridal style have to be an undo. The styles today are very personalized and versatile. 

Jac: What’s your favorite part of working with brides? 

Judi: When I do a brides hair I feel that it’s an honor that I’m a part of the most special day of her life. 


Jac: What are your biggest challenges when it comes to working in this industry? 

Judi: The biggest challenge in this industry is figuring out ways to get my name out there AND answering these questions!!! {haha!}


Jac: If I were a bride interested in your services, what would be my first step?

Judi: You can contact me directly, 614.917.3377. We will want to schedule the bridal consultation and the practice session and wedding day services should all be scheduled 6 months in advance if possible.

Jac: What does the average bride end up spending? 

Judi: The cost on average is around $75. We also have makeup services at MOS. 

Jac: What sets you apart from other hair stylists? 

Judi: My bridal services are of exceptional quality. I have years of experience and I have the respect of my peers and many references from very happy brides and their bridal parties. 


Jac: Do you have any tips and tricks for brides?

Judi: What I recommend to every bride is to come to their practice session two weeks before the wedding with pictures of what they like and a few pictures of what they don’t like. We need to communicate openly. They should bring any hair pieces, veils, or anything they might want to wear in their hair on the day of the wedding. 


And after seeing this pictures, aren’t you sold on her abilities too?? I know I am!

To contact Judi check out The Event Girls at MOS on Facebook!

Session Faves: McCallister Family. {Columbus Family Photographer}


These goofy kids! We have been photographing the McCallister’s for the past 7 years and each year we look forward to it – it’s just one of those things we do in the fall. They’re kinda like family, that we catch up with once a year! And this year we almost went into panic mode because of all of our crazy schedules – but we found a hole in our schedule and Jenn rearranged a bit on her end and we made it work! Phew!

The kids however, weren’t so keen on getting their pictures this year. They’re turning into big kids and teenagers who have a thought an opinion about everything – but they humored us and looked adorable (and silly) for the camera!

Friday Vendor Spotlight: Amy of Amy Clark Studios. {Columbus Wedding Vendor}

Today I got to sit down with the one and only… Amy, of you guessed it, Amy Clark Studios and we talked a little shop. Wedding shop, that is. Sure you see her post about photos from sessions and you see her work everywhere – but, what do we know about her passion for weddings? Not a whole lot… and that’s all about to change!


Jac: Who are you?

Amy:  I am Amy Clark owner of Amy Clark studios in the short north. We have been providing contemporary photography services for Columbus area families for the past 7 years.

STH_2014SEPT_BLOG2-040 STH_2014SEPT_BLOG2-038 STH_2014SEPT_BLOG2-044

Jac: How did you get into weddings? 

Amy: Well, I have always LOVED weddings… like love them! I love everything about weddings. I actually wanted to be a wedding planner as one of my possible career options back in the day but when I started my photography business back in 2007, I wanted to stay  as far away from wedding photography as I could. I was constantly being asked if I would do a wedding an my answer was always a resounding, “NO!!”. I think part of me said no because I was worried I couldn’t handle it. I didn’t want the pressure of not having that second chance to get the shot. Eventually, I decided that I really wanted to get into the wedding photography side and add that to our offerings. It took some time to get to that stage where I knew I would be amazing at each every wedding but years later, I love shooting weddings! 


Jac: What do most brides want?

Amy: I think most brides really want someone to “get them”. Yes, they all want to have amazing photos from their wedding day but they also want to make sure that the style of photography suits them and their personal style. They want a photographer who understands what they want, what is important to them on that day, and someone who is there to help make their day special. Think of it this way: at the end of the day, the cake is gone. The dinner was quickly devoured. The DJ packs up and goes home. The dress gets packed up and stuffed in the back of the closet. What are you left with? You are left with your wedding photos. Your photos are the only thing that will stick around long after the wedding day so you want to make sure you are getting what you really want. 

Jac: What’s your favorite part of working with brides?

Amy: I love the challenge! Each and every wedding is different and that makes each new wedding a new challenge. Brides always come with great ideas and thoughts of what they want…I love taking those ideas and making them a reality. The crazier the ideas, the better for me! 

CAC_2014APR_BLOG-027 CAC_2014APR_BLOG-018 JAL_2014APR-026 JAL_2014APR-001

Jac: What are your biggest challenges with working in this industry?

Amy: Honestly, my biggest challenge is getting the word out that we are available for weddings… and are quite amazing at them! I spent so many years saying no to weddings that now I am trying to change that. A quick google search shows over 500 “wedding photographers” in the Columbus area so standing out in that crowd is a challenge. 

Jac: If I were a bride interested, what would be my next step?

Amy: The first step would be to contact us to make sure your wedding date is available. Once we have confirmed the date is open, we will set up a consultation at the studio. We will sit down with you and your fiancé to chat and get to know you, your wedding info, and your style. My biggest thing is making sure that we gel together as a team. You will be spending more time of your wedding day with your photographer than anyone else!

TEZ_2014JAN-037 TEZ_2014JAN-034 TEZ_2014JAN-018

Jac: What does the average bride end up spending?

Amy: We have packages that range from $2000-$4000 with add on options but the majority of couples in up in the $3000 range. All of our packages include an engagement session, 2 photographers on your wedding day, and a disk of images. 

PAL_2013NOV_BLOG-027 PAL_2013NOV_BLOG-025 PAL_2013NOV_BLOG-019 EGN_2013OCT_BLOG-007 EGN_2013OCT_BLOG-016 EGN_2013OCT_BLOG-002

Jac: What sets you apart?

Amy: I truly believe my personality is what sets me apart from other wedding photographers in the area. I am constantly hearing from brides about how many compliments they get about how great I was on the wedding day. I am there as your wedding photographer, but I am way more than that. I am there to make your day amazing and many times that includes way more than “just snapping photos”. A previous bride said this, “You were a counselor, a seamstress, a coordinator, a friend, and not to mention a kick ass photographer! Just thinking of all that you did brings tears to my eyes. I cannot imagine having to do that day without you.” I am me. 


And that’s all true, I work with Amy day in and day out and she is a pretty kick ass photographer and boss! If you are interested in chatting about wedding photography, all of her contact links are listed below!