Session Faves: Isla. One Year. {Columbus Baby Photographer}

NEA_2014DEC-1 NEA_2014DEC-2 NEA_2014DEC-3 NEA_2014DEC-4 NEA_2014DEC-5 NEA_2014DEC-6 NEA_2014DEC-7 NEA_2014DEC-8 NEA_2014DEC-9 NEA_2014DEC-10 NEA_2014DEC-11 NEA_2014DEC-12

We had the pleasure of meeting this little doll just before Christmas – and could she be any cuter? Isla was full of energy and just wanted to giggle and play… until we set the cake down in front of her. Then, it was all over! We had Mom, Grandma, Daddy (via FaceTime), and myself trying to convince her that the cake was yummy – but she wasn’t buying it. ((Crazy girl! ;))) And once we replaced the cake with our fancy gold deer – she was happy as could be! There’s nothing more fun about one year old sessions than seeing their big personalities come out – it keeps us on our toes! We hope to see Isla and her sweet family again soon!


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