Session Faves: Julian. Newborn. {Columbus Newborn Photograher}

RUN_2015MAY_BLOG-001 RUN_2015MAY_BLOG-002 RUN_2015MAY_BLOG-003 RUN_2015MAY_BLOG-004 RUN_2015MAY_BLOG-005 RUN_2015MAY_BLOG-006 RUN_2015MAY_BLOG-007 RUN_2015MAY_BLOG-008 RUN_2015MAY_BLOG-009 RUN_2015MAY_BLOG-010 RUN_2015MAY_BLOG-011 RUN_2015MAY_BLOG-012 RUN_2015MAY_BLOG-013 RUN_2015MAY_BLOG-014 RUN_2015MAY_BLOG-015

Julian is seriously the cuddliest of newborns – we just wanted to snuggle him all afternoon while we were at this session. We have been working with this family for years so when Jessica told us they were expecting again – we were thrilled to be apart of the welcoming committee!


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