Session Faves: Zach. Newborn. {Columbus Newborn Photographer}

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Oh Zach, you stole our hearts. We loved getting to meet you and help welcome you into the world!

We have been photographing the Lollo’s for a few years and its always a great time when we see this family and this time was no different! We were greeted at the door by Chino, their adorable dog, and got to play and chat with big brother, Ben. We are so grateful to get to watch this family grow through our photos!

Congratulations Linda and Nick on your newest bundle of joy!


Session Faves: Julia & AJ, A Celebration of Love. {Columbus Wedding Photographer}

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What a beautiful celebration for Julia and AJ… we were asked to be a part of their big day a few months back and we anxiously awaited this party all summer! The evening turned out to be such a wonderful event full of love, laughter, and delicious food! We want to wish Julia and AJ a lifetime of love and happiness!