Session Faves: Summer Mini Sessions. {Columbus Child Photographer}

DYG_2015AUG_BLOG-1 DYG_2015AUG_BLOG-2 DYG_2015AUG_BLOG-3 DYG_2015AUG_BLOG-4 DYG_2015AUG_BLOG-5 DYG_2015AUG_BLOG-6 DYG_2015AUG_BLOG-7 DYG_2015AUG_BLOG-8 DYG_2015AUG_BLOG-9FUL_2015AUG_BLOG-1 FUL_2015AUG_BLOG-2 FUL_2015AUG_BLOG-3 FUL_2015AUG_BLOG-4 FUL_2015AUG_BLOG-5 FUL_2015AUG_BLOG-6 FUL_2015AUG_BLOG-7 FUL_2015AUG_BLOG-8 MAU_2015AUG_BLOG-1 MAU_2015AUG_BLOG-2 MAU_2015AUG_BLOG-3 MAU_2015AUG_BLOG-4 MAU_2015AUG_BLOG-5 MAU_2015AUG_BLOG-6 MAU_2015AUG_BLOG-7 MAU_2015AUG_BLOG-8NAV_2015AUG_BLOG-1 NAV_2015AUG_BLOG-2 NAV_2015AUG_BLOG-3 NAV_2015AUG_BLOG-4 NAV_2015AUG_BLOG-5 NAV_2015AUG_BLOG-6 NAV_2015AUG_BLOG-7PAT_2015AUG_BLOG-1 PAT_2015AUG_BLOG-2 PAT_2015AUG_BLOG-3 PAT_2015AUG_BLOG-4 PAT_2015AUG_BLOG-5 PAT_2015AUG_BLOG-6 PAT_2015AUG_BLOG-7 PAT_2015AUG_BLOG-8 Last weekend we held Summer Mini Sessions at Inniswoods Gardens in Westerville. They were a last minute idea and we are thrilled that we had the chance to do it! The weather was beautiful, the gardens were stunning, and the children and families were adorable! Thank you to all who came out to see us – we truly love getting to see your families grow!


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